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Our work - Envera Systems

Access Your Life.

Envera Systems is one of the fastest growing community security companies in the nation. Their cutting-edge technology has always set the pace for their growth and formed their identity. However, after meeting with VANTRUM, Envera quickly realized the importance of understanding how their brand was actually perceived by their specific audience and how that perception could impact their current and future growth.

VANTRUM was asked to conduct research on Envera’s brand. Throughout this process, it was revealed that their brand needed to be refreshed because their customers did not understand their products and how they could benefit them. Because of this revelation, we were able to help Envera transform their brand to one that is focused on delivering products that allow their customers to access their life in a simpler and safer way.

We also partnered with a local video agency to create a lifestyle video showcasing how simple Envera’s products are to use and how they are a total community safety solution. After we completed our initial scope of work, Envera loved the results so much that they chose to partner with us monthly for collateral design, social media design, PPC campaigns, and email marketing.

Envera Systems