Who We Are

We Are Vantrum

We are a full-service marketing team taking clients from innovation all the way through to delivery. Our multi-disciplinary team can pivot easily from prototyping ideas to building real products that go straight into our customers’ hands
Strategy Value


When passion meets perspective, we can see what has been hidden by familiarity. We value the second look, the deeper dive, and soul-searching questions that reveal new creativity and truth.

Design Value


When a sunset washes the sky with gold and purple, it inspires. When the height of a mountain is compared to the depth of the ocean, it inspires. We do not believe that inspiration is random or accidental. Truth is the bedrock of inspiration. By seeking truth in new experiences and ideas, we practice being inspired regularly.

Results Value

When a builder constructs a house, the success of the entire project relies on the integrity of the tools to accurately determine angles and length. We value adherence to our values and standards. We verify and test. We honor our commitments.

Who We Are

Our core.

Our team comes from diverse creative and corporate backgrounds, but we are united by the goal of delivering innovative outcomes for our clients. Our name, VANTRUM, is simply a combination of the word vantage and spectrum. Meaning our team has a vantage on a spectrum of products and services to solve any difficulties our clients may face. We are dedicated to becoming an extension of our clients’ teams, believing we can create even greater things when we work in unity.