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Project Brief

Cultivate’s founder came to us with a desire to create a coffee and ice cream shop geared toward showing kindness to children and to her community. She wanted to create a place where children and the community could gather, while giving back financially to her local area. Through our Discovery Workshop, VANTRUM helped our client form a three-part model for her business, comprised of a coffee shop, a cowork location, and a division focused on giving back to her community through monthly charities.


In order to create our client’s dream for her new enterprise, VANTRUM began the process by developing a brand guide, selecting a specific company voice and tone, identifying her ideal customer profile, and designing a website. VANTRUM also created and maintained Cultivate’s social media accounts, and we designed and photographed a company merchandise line. Both of which furthered our client’s dream of helping the world show more kindness on a daily basis and giving back financially to her community. 

Brand Design

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Website Design

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Kindness looks good on you.

The process of creating a new company and selecting a physical location can be costly and time-consuming. VANTRUM wanted to give our client a solution to off-set some of these costs. So, while our client’s brick and mortar location was being built, we devised a way to create a revenue stream for her by creating a product line that was focused on her company’s values. This accomplished two things: advertising for her company as well as creating a revenue stream throughout the construction process.

Product Design and Photography

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